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How It Works

Participants.ie gathers real life users to test digital products. Sign up to become a participant and start earning rewards in 3 simple steps.

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Fill out our sign up form and tell us a little about yourself. We will contact you when a suitable session comes up.

2. Provide Insight

Some sessions take place in our studio. For others you can participate online.

3. Get Rewards

Receive exciting rewards in exchange for your feedback and time! Help improve everyday products and services.

Become a Participant and Earn Rewards For Your Time

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Get Involved

We run a variety of research sessions and are always looking for people like you to help us highlight and solve issues on a product or service.

Participate in one of our research sessions and get rewarded for your feedback and time. Engage with your favourite brands and apps and have a fun learning experience!

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Voice out your opinions and help improve products and services

Earn Rewards

Get exciting goodies by participating in our sessions.

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Get unique insight on how your favourite apps and brands are developed

What Participants Say

“Extremely user friendly, I love how it works around my schedule! The voucher is a nice thank you for what is a totally enjoyable experience. I also love the reminders for the appointment too”

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Vivette Madden

“Usability tests with @Graphic_Mint. Quick, easy and a nice little voucher at the end for your time. 10/10, would recommend.”

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Simon Jackson

“I had a great experience doing usability testing with Graphic Mint, trying out and giving my feedback on new websites while also getting rewarded for my time!”

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Steven Kiberd

“I recently did usability testing for @Graphic_Mint - super easy, just trying out some apps and giving my opinion! Voucher was nice too! ”

Robin David

“It was great doing usability testing for Graphic Mint. The projects are interesting, well explained, and quick to complete. And it's nice to know that your feedback might make a program or service better for everyone.”

Martin Steffens

“I really enjoyed doing usability testing with Graphic Mint as it was really fast, convenient and rewarding. Their scheduling is accommodating and they make it very clear with reminders so you won't miss your slot.”

Amy Fetherston

Amy Fetherston

Looking for Participants?

We have a network of people of all ages and backgrounds to take part in your research needs:

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